Energy Efficiency Savings

Saving Energy Helps Your Pocket and the Envrionment

Advances in technology, raised legislative standards, and more environmentally-conscious refrigerants mean that your new air conditioning system could be considerably more energy efficient than your old system. There is no question that lower running costs and benefits to the environment are a major benefit when upgrading a central air system.

For example a 20 SEER replacement for a 10 SEER system could be expected to save $828 a year in energy savings from typical Miami usage*. Not only that but you'll benefit from the improved reliability and reduced repair costs of a new system, or consider zoning or programmable thermostat controls for the ultimate home comfort in Miami.

There two vital components to choosing lowering your system's running costs - and All Air of South Dade can help you with a personal and FREE assessment of the various options for your home. As the chosen authorized dealer for 22 leading brands in South Florida, you can be sure of real choice of the most efficient systems, the best value choices, and the leading warranties.


Friendly Advice on Choosing a New System

The most important thing in choosing a new system is to get your air conditioning needs sized correctly by a professional - if you're not selecting the right size of system it doesn't matter what the optimum efficiency of the system is because it won't be suited to your home. Choose too small a system and it won't be able to cool your home, choose too big a system and it will cycle on and off without hitting its optimal efficiency.

Once you know exactly the size of the system you need (often denoted as 'tons', meaning the cooling capacity of the unit - one ton = 12000 BTU/h), the easiest way to look for the most efficient system is to look for its SEER rating or for its Energy Star rating.

The higher the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, the more efficient a system is. So to take the example above* a 10 SEER system would cost more than double to run than a 20 SEER system. Many older systems are operating at less than 10 SEER efficiency.


This is just as important to obtain the maximum efficiency of your system - a superior installation can actually save you money, because the SEER rating is a theoretical laboratory figure, getting that efficiency out of the system once installed takes skill. Or to put it another way, a well-installed 10 SEER system can easily out-perform a poorly installed 12 SEER system; it's about more than just the system. A quality installation can add real value.

There are several ways that a quality installation can improve the system efficiency:

  • CORRECTLY POSITIONED: For the best airflow and optimal efficiency
  • MAXIMIZE AIRFLOW: To reduce the load on the air handling system, and efficient cooling.
  • TIGHT & SEALED DUCTING: To avoid air leaks and improve efficiency
  • CORRECT REFRIGERANT CHARGING: Incorrectly charging a system can reduce system efficiency by as much as 2 SEER ratings.
  • HELP WITH PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE: To avoid potential efficiency drops before they occur in the future - to keep your system running smoothly.

For help and advice, and a FREE (no obligation) personalized assessment of your home's air conditioning needs, call All Air of South Dade today.

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* Illustrative example based on data from the US Environmental Protection Agency; based on 3 ton systems, typical South Florida 2800 full-load cooling hours per year, assumes 12 cents per kWh utility costs. Call us for a personalized assessment of your potential energy savings.

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